1. Article 1: Definitions
    1. Online Transaction is activity of placing orders of buy/sell stocks, monetary transaction and other transactions on securities trading account of Clients (and VPS accepts Clients’ orders) via (or other websites informed by VPS form time to time) and/or via telephone.
    2. Online Services are services provided by VPS (from time to time) and registered to use by Clients (following VPS’ instructions), which include but not limited to checking of securities/ cash outstanding balance, securities/cash transaction history, placing order/cancelation of securities transaction, receiving cash in advance from securities selling, transfer/withdrawal of cash, securities’ rights execution, odd-lots transaction, investment analyzing tools, account management and tracking tools, etc via Online Transaction.
    3. System: is the system established by VPS to execute Online Transaction and supply other Online Services to Client which include software, applications installed at (or other websites informed by VPS) or telephone system of VPS.
    4. OTP: is a one time password and is considered as the second protection layer for electronic accounts, online payments or e-mail, social networking.
    5. Username: is Client’s full name or securities trading account number (for placing orders via telephone) or free character sequence provided by VPS to verify securities trading account number of the Client (for transactions via internet).
    6. Username: is Client’s full name or securities trading account number (for placing orders via telephone) or free character sequence provided by VPS to verify securities trading account number of the Client (for transactions via internet).
    7. PIN Password (only applicable to internet transaction) is a code consequence provided by VPS to confirm any orders for Online Transactions on the System. In case of password provided by VPS, VPS strongly recommends Client to change their PIN Password right after the first log-in and after every week of usage. VPS will not be accountable for any information leaking and physical damage, legal risks should Client act/ or not act upon this recommendation.
  2. Article 2: Scope of the Agreement
    1. VPS agrees to supply and Client agrees to utilize Online Services in accordance with provisions of this Agreement and of VPS.
    2. VPS may, from time to time, regulate and /or adjust the content of Online Services which VPS considers reasonable and necessary. The regulations and/or adjustments will be updated on the official website of VPS http:, or other websites as informed by VPS.
    3. The supplying of Online Services of VPS and the usage of Online Services / execution of Online Transaction of Client are bound to the terms and conditions of the Securities Transaction Account Opening Contract, related agreements which Client has signed with VPS and/or other transaction conditions, method, regulations which VPS directly guides , informs to Client or announces on its website.
    4. The information related to securities/ cash transaction orders of Client are created, forwarded, received and saved via/on Internet, recorded telephone when using Online Services/ conducting Online Transaction are electronic records which have the equal validity as legal signed original documents of Client. In this Agreement, VPS and Client agree and accept that PIN Password/ Login Password is the electronic signatures of Client.
    5. The time of receipt of electronic orders is agreed and accepted by VPS and Client as the moment the System receives legitimate electronic records of Client.
    6. To be used Online Services, Client shall have to provide and update VPS of mobile phone number and email address legally owned or managed by Client. VPS shall provide any information related to the Online Transactions, the account and relevant transactions/issues through the registered mobile phone number and email of Client. It shall be deem that the time Client receive such information is the time VPS’s System confirms it has sent the information. Client shall be wholly responsible in case their mobile phone or email does not function well or they have not received information due to the fault of Client or third party.
  3. Article 3: Risks
    1. Client fully understands and recognizes that the usage of Online Services/ conducting Online Transactions do contain potential risks of system error, any third party’s error or negligence of Client. Client hence agrees to accept all risks, damage or loss incurred whilst using Online Services and/or conducting Online Transactions caused by system error, third party error or by actions of Client.
  4. Article 4: Service Fee
    1. When using Online Services/ conducting Online Transactions, Client understands and agrees that, upon certain circumstances, VPS can apply one or more fee(s) for service rendered (“Service Fee”). To avoid any confusion, this Service Fee is not brokerage fee which Client is born to pay to VPS for any specific transaction.
    2. VPS will inform Client of the Service Fee when Client registers for using Online Services/ conducting Online Transactions. Any change in application, fees and its collecting methods will be informed to Client by VPS before applying.
    3. If Client would like to receive bills for Service Fee, Client shall contact with VPS in working hours of corresponding business day (in case Client would like to receive daily bill) or of the last business day of correlative month (in case Client would like to receive monthly bill). If Client does not perform the above-mentioned requirements, VPS shall add Client’s Service Fee into the total of service fee of VPS and make the monthly bill for total of service fee in the last business day of the corresponding month.
  5. Article 5: Confidentiality
    1. VPS and Client agree to keep the below information confidential: - Login Password, PIN Password and OTP password - Transaction orders of Client; and - Other information related to securities trading account of Client.
    2. Client is advised to act upon recommendation of VPS, thus responsible for consequences of not taking action/ or taking different action according to the recommendation of VPS
    3. Client hereby accepts and recognizes that VPS has the right to declare the confidential information to the competent authorities of Client or under circumstances adhered to law.
  6. Article 6: Undertakings of Clients
    1. The Client has studied all regulations; guidance on Online Services, completely understood and aware of the potential risks from using Online Services/conducting Online Transactions.
    2. Client voluntarily registers using Online Services/conducting Online Transactions and acknowledge that they are completely informed and recommended of potential risks which can be incurred whilst using Online Services/conducting Online Transactions, and of conditions and methodology of using these Services.
    3. Client accepts and recognizes that any access/trading into/on Client’s securities trading accounts with the right Login Password and PIN Password or other identified devices provided by VPS and/or automatically changed in the System by the Client are deemed to be the Client’s actions.
    4. Client shall provide, register and be responsible for complete information, changes of information of Client to VPS. The changes of Client’s information shall be valid after being confirmed by VPS.
    5. Client is considered to have complete understanding of authorizing designated representative to perform Online Transactions on Client’s securities trading accounts, thus responsible for such execution by authorized representative.
    6. Client is advised to check account information regularly and informs VPS of discrepancy (if any) during the process of using Online Services.
    7. Client is borne to pay full amount of Service Fee and other fees (if any) in accordance with periodic announcement from VPS. By this Agreement, Client hence accepts and recognizes that VPS is authorized by Client to accordingly extract the cash from Client’s securities trading account to pay all Service Fee and other fee (if any) in accordance with VPS’ regulations for Online Services/conducting Online Transactions.
    8. Client has the right to claim VPS for trading result or issues relating to its account and transaction within 24 hours after the transaction date or from the date that happens the changes on the Client’s account. Beyond that time limit, VPS shall have right to refuse any claim of Client, except for force majeure cases.
    9. Client is borne to comply with the prevailing rules and regulations of VPS and Vietnamese laws.
  7. Article 7: Undertakings of VPS
    1. VPS shall guide, provide and support Client during the process of using Online Services/ executing Online Transactions.
    2. Informs Client of its Service Fee List (if any) before its applicable time
    3. VPS reserves the right to refuse Client’s transaction should it suspects any abnormal/ irregular sign. VPS will reconfirm and investigate with Client before taking further action on suspected transaction.
    4. VPS will inform Client in advance of any interruption, temporary interruption, change/replacement/amendment of partly or all Online Services.
    5. VPS reserves all electronic data related to Client’s Online Transactions in accordance with Vietnamese Laws.
  8. Article 8: Disputes Settlement
    1. Disputes arise from/ or related to the usage of Online Services/executing Online Transactions between Client and VPS shall be firstly settled by negotiation, mediation based on respects of mutual rights and interests.
    2. Should the settlement not be reached, each party reserves to right to file for competence court where Client opened securities trading accounts (at VPS head offices or branches), in accordance with Vietnamese law.
  9. Article 9: Termination of Service
  10. This agreement will be terminated as in the following cases:

    1. The Securities Transaction Account Opening Contract of Client reaches its expiration date.
    2. VPS and Client agree to terminate this Agreement.
    3. Client requires terminating using Online Services. Client shall send service termination requirement in writing to VPS at least two (02) days before the intended termination date.
    4. Client violates its responsibilities, restricted actions which are regulated by Vietnamese Law and VPS.
    5. Client (as individual) is dead, incapable of civil acts, examined for penal liability OR Client (as institution) is dissolved, bankrupted, merged, divided, separated or acquired.
    6. VPS informs Client of its termination of this Agreement at any given time without the approval of Client.
  11. Article 10: Validity
    1. This agreement shall be effective from the signing date and expired according to the Article 9 of this Agreement.
    2. Other relevant appendix/ attachments shall be integral part of this Agreement.