1. VPS Securities Joint Stock Company (“VPS”) was granted with Certificate No. 1020/QĐ-UBCK dated 07/12/2010 by State Securities Commission of Viet Nam on approval of registration to provide online securities trading service to the Customer.
  2. Service advantages: Providing the convenience and flexibility to the Customer during trading procedures; shortening the processing time of each transaction;thereby helping the Customer to save time and cost.
  3. VPS hereby advises the Customer about the risks that you may encounter during your online trading experience. You should only conduct your trading upon thoroughly understanding and accepting the potential risks, including but not limited to:
    1. Trading order might be suspended, stopped, delayed or having data errors while being transmitted via the Internet.
    2. The Customer identification might be incorrect, and security breaches might occur.
    3. System might reject your token upon the expiration of the time limit for server synchronization.
    4. Market prices and other securities information might be erroneous or incorrect.
    1. System errors: including but not limited to VPS hardware or software technical errors; VPS’s system or your computer might be infected by viruses; Risk of network system shutdown due to transmission line congestion.
    2. The Customer’s faults: including but not limited to the Customer are not does not have enough knowledge to use the software’s features; the Customer’s accessing password, trading password were leaked or revealed, or the Customer lose the authentication device (if the company uses digital signature in online trading); the Customer failed to comply with the security protocols and the warnings and security regulations provided by VPS; The Customer does not promptly notify VPS regarding the leak of trading passwords and other important information regarding the trading accounts; ...
    3. Any third-party’s faults: including but not limited to The Customer who has deposit account at the Bank may encounter issues in inquiring balances or placing orders because the Bank shut down its system in night time or other errors arising from the Bank; the fraudulence of the third parties such as hackers exploiting loopholes of the operating system or illegal attack to steal data or the Customer is cheated or used by the fraud; the transmission line was widely congested due to the network provider’s faults; the deviations of original information or images collected by VPS from other sources; ...
  4. We commit to spend efforts to provide the convenient, safe service to Customer and to minimize the potential technical risks. If the Customer have any question or encounter any issue arising during your online trading experience, please immediately notify VPS for timely resolutions.